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What is Robusta honey coffee?

Surely once in your life you have heard of Robusta. Yes, it is one of the most popular coffees in Vietnam and the most loved in the world. Coffee Robusta is also known as Robusta coffee or Coffea Canephora . This type of coffee is about 100 years older than Arabica coffee. This is a type of coffee with a fairly high caffeine content, accounting for 3% to 4% of the bean (other types of coffee such as Arabica coffee (tea coffee) only account for 1% to 2%). Because of this, in addition to being used to drink Robusta coffee, it is also often used to enhance the flavor and create a more attractive Crema layer for Italian coffees (Espresso).


  • Moisture: 12.5% max. 
  • Admixture: 0.2% max. 
  • Black& Broken: 0.2% max, 
  • Altitude: 850m
  • Origin: Daklak

Honey Processing Robusta Coffee Beans - Vietnam origin

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  • Every hour in the processing will create huge changes in the flavor in the coffee beans. Choose a reasonable stop, to have yellow, red or black honey coffee that will fully awaken or miss the original flavors hidden in each coffee bean. And even better, when the process is complete, the coffee will look like honey and sugar in the product.

    With this perfect combination, the coffee beans will have a fruity flavor but not as strong as dry processing, mixed with the sour taste of wet processing, sweet aftertaste, strong aroma, full body. Bringing coffee lovers a cup of sweet, sweet, honey-flavored coffee with medium bitterness and mild sourness. This coffee processing method is very popular in recent times because it is easy to implement, saves investment costs and is environmentally friendly.

    Moreover, "Honey" is understood as "sweetness", which in English means lover and lover.

  • ROBUSTA processing Honey has a sweet taste, a deep, rich aftertaste. Because of the special quality by the perennial coffee variety. This blend makes coffee drinkers feel the intense taste right on the tip of the tongue just like its name. Especially more suitable for brewing when combining with Arabica or Drip to enjoy.

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